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Rebecca Lazier, Coming Together/Attica

Prefacing performance at Boerum Hill's Invisible Dog Art Center from June 13th to 15th, host Jeannie Hopper talks to choreographer Rebecca Lazier about her piece Coming Together/Attica; an immersive, site-specific dance work to a pulsating score by minimalist icon Frederic Rzewski created with indie-classical ensemble Newspeak. Composed after the 1971 prison riots in upstate New York, the companion scores Coming Together and Attica are based on the words of prisoners. Coming Together incorporates a letter from an inmate who died in the uprising and Attica builds on a sentence spoken by a detainee who survived the riot. Lazier takes Rzewski’s piece as the starting point for a kinetic meditation on isolation and collision, order and chaos.

The dance is performed in three parts; each section occurs in a different area of The Invisible Dog’s 4000 square foot space, framed by a distinct lighting installation and a changed audience perspective. The music and movement of Coming Together/Attica juxtapose intricate structures and in-the-moment improvisations.


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