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Real Choruses and Synthetic Beats

Dance, electronic and other groove-based musics typically feature the artist-as-magpie—picking influences & sounds from unexpected sources. This show features two blocks of new(ish) music that groove & inspire movement using radically different tools. The first block focuses on choruses and choral effects.

The artists are DD Dumbo, Damon Albarn, the Capital Children’s Chorus (covering Crystal Castles), and a collaboration between Frank Ocean, Diplo, Mick Jones + Paul Simonon. The second block features synthetic sounding, in-your-face beats distinguishing an era where most music is made in the airless environment of a computer. You’ll hear Lil B, Shamir, Sophie, Liars and recently deceased Chicago footwork artist DJ Rashad collaborating with friends. The show closes out on a more peaceful and easy feeling note — a classic (dance) track from Frankie Knuckles & plain old classical music from Arvo Pärt.


Teenage Kicks


Teenage Kicks is hosted by Alec Hanley Bemis, co-founder of New York's Brassland label and a producer who conceives and manages creative projects that make a global impact. Each episode is about an hour long. The musical themes may be clearer to him than they are to you but the selections will inevitably be intense and deeply felt.