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Ray Del Savio and Jerry Hoak, Recalling 1993

1993 was the last time New York displayed the grit that characterized the city during the previous century. Punk still lived on the Bowery and the club scene boomed and busted. Wall Street was turning profits but the money had yet to change the city's character. Return to that year with Recalling 1993, a project collecting first-hand stories from some of New York's most culturally influencial residents at the time.

In this program, host Jeannie Hopper speaks with project creators Ray Del Savio and Jerry Hoak of Droga5 about their work and the experience of tracking down symbolic stories from twenty years ago. These stories are made available by dialing 1-[855]-FOR-1993 at a select group of pay phones scattered throughout the city. For a map of available phones visit This project was launched as part of the New Museum's exhibition NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.


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