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Rana X. Adhikari, Are We Alone?

Host Janna Levin is joined by Rana X. Adhikari to discuss the origin of life on this planet, on other planets, and even in other universes, in anticipation of the October 6, 2016, Scientific Controversies event Are We Alone?

Adhikari is a Professor of Physics from Caltech and one of the key experimentalists on the LIGO project.

About Scientific Controversies:
Major scientific discoveries can disrupt the traditional order, leaving scientists adrift in concepts that resist familiar intuitions and beliefs. Of the new ideas that emerge, some will be wrong and some will be right. Honest and open scientific controversy helps disentangle one from the other. For the Pioneer Works series Scientific Controversies, we take a look at profound topics at the frontier of physics that have inspired unresolved debates.



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