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Pulp Atlas

Christopher Kardambikis hosts artists of Pulp Atlas, a series of artist book exhibitions featuring the work of 12 artists experimenting with the book form. The publication explores the contemporary book form as well as the cultural borders surrounding alternative exhibition spaces. Artist books and zines occupy a unique territory: inherently legible even while experimental, they are precious and disposable, able to be viewed in public but read as an incredibly personal experience.

Tim Schwartz (b. Boston, Massachusetts) is a Los Angeles-based artist, technologist, and activist who makes works of art focused on technology, information, privacy, and how our culture absorbs changes in these areas. He received a BA in Physics from Wesleyan University and an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego. Schwartz has spent the last five years investigating what is lost as archives become digital. In 2010, he developed technology to help reunite missing people affected by the earthquake in Haiti and now organizes a group focused on family reunification after disasters.

Mark Lander works primarily in drawing, through which he explores environmental processes, landscape, and documentation. Lander received a BA in Fine Art from Suffolk College in Ipswich 2004 and an MRes in Arts and Cultural Research from the University of Brighton in 2014. His practice based MRes thesis involved working with members of a coastal community affected by coastal erosion, exploring and recording their experiences thorough drawing.

Josh Atlas is a sculptor based in Los Angeles. Though the forms and means of creation often change, Atlas is working towards an aesthetic sensibility that emphasizes tenderness, vulnerability, empathy, and humility. Atlas studied art at Carnegie Mellon University, receiving his BFA in 2005. His work has been included in exhibitions at MAMO (Marseilles), Klowden Mann (Los Angeles), Regards (Chicago), and Raid Projects (Los Angeles). He asks that you keep in touch at


Paper Cuts


Paper Cuts is an exploration of the contemporary world of zines and DIY publishing. Hosted by Christopher Kardambikis, each program features writers, performers, and artists who have shared their work in print, on paper, and in small editions. Zines are truly dynamic publications that have built and supported engaged communities around ideals, experiences, genres, music, politics, poetry…anything that can be printed, shared, and/or mailed. The series will act as a cross section of this varied landscape and rich history. Listen to voices that would normally live in your hands and demand your eyeballs.