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Presidential Spinees

Your mess-ocratic host, Edwin Torres, gets continually involved in the editing of reality with a prince and some presidents and then waves his colors by inviting savvy-mixed-tape-raconteur Mike Bade to spin the spines of the musical electorate. Yes, two shows in a row with a diff'rent guest named Mike: INCREDIBLE! This particular Mike, from the legendary East Village noise band Space Mouse, gives us a lollipop disguised as a sourball with the help of Randy Newman, who has pity for the working man and Leadbelly talkin' 'bout a man goin' round talkin' names. Curtis Mayfield gives us some futureshock with Prince Buster dusting madness over reality-checking Lou Reed reminding us there is no time, even mature adolescents know a thing or two about democracy, just ask Joey Ramone venting from 2nd Street (or Joey Ramone Way) to suburbia.

Edwin trips over the wires and truncates a revolution in the making as he and Sharon Mesmer attempt some W.I.T.S. - only to be foiled by a Trojan donkey in the guise of a john-paul-george-ringo-ismic sucker punch. Oh, I'd like to sliver America, live in a separate America, one that is more of aMErica, the one that I don't, that's America!


Live Nude Radio Theatre


Live Nude Radio Theatre is a free form radio show with poet host Edwin Torres. Torres is author of "The All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker" (Roof Books), "Fractured Humorous" (Subpress), "Please" (Faux Press) and "Onomalingua" (Rattapallax Press). He is also included in The Best American Poetry 2004 (Scribner) , and is co-editor of the poetry journal Rattapallax. His current CD, NOVO, is available through