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Your gold-tiara wearing host Edwin Torres celebrates drama in music with The Who's Rael 2; Os Mutantes's Dom Quixote; Brian Wilson's Vege-Tables; Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody; Indian Soundscapes; Bjork's Selmasongs/Cvalda; German Radio, Warheit Uber Deutschland; Ken Nordine's Looks Like It's Gonna Rain; Anti-Pop Consortium's Mega; and Gino Robair from The Lab compilation, followed by Torres's newest radio play with Sharen Mesmer, Does Anybody Remember Laughter?, engineered by Fred Stesney.


Live Nude Radio Theatre


Live Nude Radio Theatre is a free form radio show with poet host Edwin Torres. Torres is author of "The All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker" (Roof Books), "Fractured Humorous" (Subpress), "Please" (Faux Press) and "Onomalingua" (Rattapallax Press). He is also included in The Best American Poetry 2004 (Scribner) , and is co-editor of the poetry journal Rattapallax. His current CD, NOVO, is available through