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Ornette Coleman Vinyl Special

Guest host Tim Spelios joins David Weinstein to share treasures from his record collection as we spin through the career of the free jazz innovator. The set features vinyl from 1959 on with some related tracks that correspond in spirit or style to the adventurous nature of the great man's work. Spelios is a New York-based visual artist and drummer with a remarkable ear for both the music and it's provenance. Tales will be told!

For example, it is true that Ornette and LaMonte Young (and Eric Dolphy) knew and played with each other in the 1950s (in and around Los Angeles City College). It would be interesting to further explore these cross-pollinations that directly involve people from Lou Reed and Yoko Ono to John Zorn, Vernon Reid and Robert Wyatt. Stay tuned.

In this program you will hear lots of Ornette mixed in with James Brown (Please, Please, Please), Captain Beefheart (Meat Pie), Charlie Parker (Embraceable You), James "Blood" Ulmer (Are You Glad To Be In America), Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines (West End Blues) and Kentucky folk legend Roscoe Holcomb. The Ornette Coleman tracks are: Midnight Sunrise (with Master Musicians of Joujouka and Robert Palmer), Embraceable You, Lonely Woman, The Face of the Bass, Congeniality, and an extended piece from Free Jazz.


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