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OM Episode 34: Matthias Seidel

Music with a view, selected and presented by Me Raabenstein. In the fourth edition of OM's Driver's Beat interview series, Raabenstein interviews the architect and gallery owner Matthias Seidel. Matthias describes his gallery dr. julius | ap and explains with his personal choice of tracks the interaction of three decades of Berlin's musical taste in relation to the political atmosphere back then.

In this program you will hear:

John Lee Hooker -­ Ramblin' By Myself
Joy Division - Insight
Boogie Down Productions - Ya Slippin'
Melvins - Revulsion/We Reach
X101 - The Final Hour
Jimi Tenor - Itta
Nasa & The Voyager Spacecraft ­- Symphonies of the planets #03 - Saturn


Orbital Mash


An eclectic radio show produced by Berlin-based Me Raabenstein. Music with a view, neo-classical, score, and contemporary beats. Including Brian Eno, Anna Rojahn, Thaddeus Herrmann.