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OM Episode 28

Music with a view, selected and presented by ME Raabenstein. In this edition you hear a radio art special - future's rented lullabies - about memory and imagination.

Most of modern artist and composer's work utilizes electronic tools and archives. Imagine someone in the future discovers the hard disc of Raabenstein's label nonine recordings with most content broken or missing. This episode is a possible scenario for what might be assembled with the remainder, a collage of the nonine archives primary disaggregated - ultimately all parts recomposed and rearranged... 

Enjoy the melody !!!

The collaborating artists in order of appearance:

martin eugen raabenstein - composer & producer
laura braun - vocals
chatschatur kanajan - violin
dov waterman - composer & producer
volker meitz - keyboards 
david delsart - vocals
thijs - guitar
simon weinert - composer
major major -  vocals
stephan steigleder - dj
achim treu -  vocals
andrea ferraris - composer & producer
menno jager - composer
ruben coster - composer
helmut neugebauer - saxophon
tshaka campbell -  vocals
uwe langer - trombone
major major - guitar
geer mussert - composer & producer
martin eugen raabenstein - vocals
chris bestwick - guitar
ju bartholomäus - composer & producer
gianna chelli -  vocals
mark gisbourne - vocals
david minor - vocals
nils pot - composer & producer
frederik van de moortel - composer & producer


Orbital Mash


An eclectic radio show produced by Berlin-based Me Raabenstein. Music with a view, neo-classical, score, and contemporary beats. Including Brian Eno, Anna Rojahn, Thaddeus Herrmann.