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November Second Sundays Artist Interviews

Every second Sunday of the month Pioneer Works opens its doors and Clocktower opens its ears to a variety of artists of all ranges. Tune in to this unique collection of interviews, recorded live from the studio on November 8th, 2015.

-A discussion with Olivier Conan, a live music curator of Second Sundays and afficionado of Latin music, with Yowana Sari Gamelan percussionist and director Michael Lipsey.

-A spicy conversation between Christopher Kardambikis of Paper Cuts, erotica zine maker MacKenzie, and Taylor Yates of Selfish. The trio divulge on Mackenzie's recent erotica publication, Math Magazine, which illustrates that all bodies have the right to feel sexy and beautiful.

-Karolin Tampere, Randi Nygård, and Camila Marambio of The Ensayos Residency Program, a research initiative to engage in matters related to the political ecology of Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia. Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia is a landmark that, despite its remoteness, can function as a cultural and geographical center from which to speculate and exercise emergent forms of bio-cultural ethics.

-Jonah Levy of Starry Night Residences and Brooklyn Spaces. Levy started out working for his family tour company, Levys’ Unique New York, incorporating history of performance and behind-the-scenes theater experience into the role of the tour guide.



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