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Nils Bech, One Year

Nils Bech, the Norwegian singer and performance artist, sits down with curator Tim Goossens to discuss his 2014 (music) album One Year, his collaborations with fellow Oslo-based artist Ida Ekblad, and how he uses writing songs as free therapy sessions.

With One Year, Bech takes us on a journey through his own life, more specifically the first year after he met his current boyfriend. The story is told in two parts; "Before" and "After". Where the first half describes the early days after meeting the man of his dreams, and all the insecurity and fear this causes. Part two deals with the shame and jealousy that followed the infamous words he had longed to hear: .

The two also discuss a video associated with the project, I punish you that can be viewed here.

On the musical side, Bech continues fruit-bearing collaborations from his earlier career with the house duo Ost&Kjex and composers Julians Skar and Ole Henrik Moe. But at the same time he's also most definitely breaking new musical ground. Names such as Martin Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist), Ådne Meisfjord  and Andre Bratten are all contributing on One Year.

In 2014, Bech was part of Listen Up!, the first Sound Art exhibition in India, curated by Tim Goossens and Diana Campbell-Betancourt.


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