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Nate Wooley

One of the most interesting young trumpet players performing today, Nate Wooley sits down with host Elliot Stapleton and plays a selection of recent recordings and discusses his evolving approach to playing his instrument. Wooley has developed a signature style of playing that includes a variety of extended techniques as well as experimenting with microphone placement in both live and studio settings. He is now a staple of an international new music scene, performing with a variety of musicians that include John Zorn, Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, Wolf Eyes, David Grubbs, C. Spencer Yeh, Harris Eisenstadt, Taylor Ho Bynum and Peter Evans. Hear what a day in the life of Nate Wooley might look like, and listen to a collection of recordings that highlight Wooley's drone compositions, pieces for jazz ensembles, and an improvised duet with Joe Morris. (54 minutes)


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