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Mike Albo

From a 2005 interview, monologuist, actor, dancer, and chanteuse Mike Albo performs excerpts from his sold out show My Price Point, and his novel The Underminer, and chats with host Frances Sorensen. Obvious questions like Where the hell are we? arise, as well as weightier musings, such as What brand am I? and What's up with love, anyway?

Albo has published pieces for The New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, New York Times Book Review, The New York Observer, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, and many others. He has written about fashion and style for the Men's Fashion of the Times, Paper, and Surface Magazines. His first novel, Hornito: My Lie Life, was published by HarperCollins in 2000 to wide critical acclaim. He has just finished his next book, The Underminer, forthcoming from Bloomsbury USA. As a monologuist and performer, Albo has toured numerous critically acclaimed shows including Mike Albo, Spray, and Please Everything Burst--co-written with his longtime friend, Dr. Virginia Heffernan--as well as many solo performances. And so much more...


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