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Michelangelo Pistoletto

It is not just his name that looms large. Michelangelo Pistoletto - named after the great Renaissance artist by his painter/art restorer father – is now entering his sixth decade of art production in a career that has spanned Italian Pop, Arte Povera, performance, sculpture, painting and discursive aesthetic practices. His signature mirror pieces continue to mesmerize, while the vibrancy and pertinence of the rest of his ouevre becomes ever more apparent in his recent retrospective at the Philadelphia Art Museum and the MAXXI in Rome. Our correspondent Daniela Salvioni caught up with him just as he was finishing installing a satellite of his ambitious Citta’ dell’Arte Foundation/art work in Zaha Hadid’s prize-winning building in Rome.


Our Correspondents: Italy


Curator and art critic Daniela Salvioni reports from assorted locales across Italy to bring us interviews with contemporary art's most revered as well as emerging and overlooked artists. The co-editor, with Diana Burgess Fuller, of Art/Women/California, 1950-2000, this American-born resident and fluent Italian speaker, has curated exhibits for such artists as Guy Overfelt and Jennifer Locke, and has interviewed such artists as Jeff Koons and Allan McCollum. Our thanks to Star FK Radium, from Washington, D.C., for the theme music.