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Michael Premo, Rachel Falcone and Dexter Wimberly, The Gentrification of Brooklyn: The Pink Elephant Speaks

AIR's Jeannie Hopper speaks with Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone, co-founders of the ongoing multimedia project Housing Is a Human Right, and Dexter Wimberly, curator of the 2010 exhibition The Gentrification of Brooklyn: The Pink Elephant Speaks at Brooklyn's Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts. Premo and Falcone discuss how their initially distinct interests--Premo was following a career in theatre, Falcone in oral history documentation--brought them to their joint project, which provides a portrait of the struggles many face in finding a home and seeks to dissect what "home" means. Their 2009 exhibition The Soapbox Series was located in the Wash and Play Lotto Laundromat in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Wimberley describes himself as "an artist with a lower case a" and an artist representative, advising others on how to manage life as an artist. He explains how he came to curate this exhibition, curation not being foremost in his artistic background, and what his personal investment in it is. Offering a description of the exhibition itself, he also offers an introduction to many of the notions behind the underlying concepts of gentrification (37 minutes).


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