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Love Lost and Found

Sometimes love flies in on a swan (Lohengrin) and sometimes the poodle bites (Frank Zappa). Sometimes the damn thing jumps out of the bushes and grabs you. Other times it's just a walk in the park -- here are examples of all, both chaste and agape, from our love-song crazed chanteuse, Nora York, whose CD, "What I Want," is on Say Yes Records.


01 UMIT, I Love You (Turkey)
02 LOHENGRIN, Wenn Ich Im Kampfe Fur Dich siege/
When I win this fight for you Richard Wagner

Peter Anders/ Trude Eipperle

03, 04. Frank Zappa Dirty Love played two times

05 The Hi Lo' s Bali High

06 Lead Belly Traveling Blues

07 Sea Gull to Hell, Kiss he Kiss Her

08 The Weavers Kisses Sweeter than Wine

09 Marilyn Monroe Do It Again

10 Jussi Bjorling Bella Filglia Della Amore Rigoletto

11 Devendra Banhart Will is My Friend.

12 Elvis Presley I Want You I Need You I Love You

13 Lorene Mazzacane, Suzanne Langille Take me Up

14 Marilyn Monroe, When Love goes wrong nothing goes Right


Love Crazy