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Lord God I Hate The Damn Christmas Songs

It's admittedly just as tired to complain about the ubiquity of Christmas songs this time of year as is their ubiquity itself, but a particular jarring shove into the season's soundtrack recently inspired me to cobble together a response, however impotent, in the form of this show. Other things, therefore, that I'd rather listen to than the damn Christmas songs. -- NS

° Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Lost John Dean

Times Ain't Like They Used To Be, Vol. 1 (Yazoo)

° Celeste Cappelli and friends: L 'è Rivà d'Un Bastimento (A Ship Has Come In) (2:49)

Italian Treasury: Lombardia (Alan Lomax Collection/Rounder)

° Abida Parveen: Ho Jamalo (3:18)

The Best of Abida Parveen (Music Today)

° John Jacob Niles: American Street, Field, and Jail House Cries (6:15)

Sings American Folk and Gambling Songs (RCA Camden)*

*One of the more bizarre of Niles' adaptations - and no source given. First released in 1939 on 78rpm record as "Street Cries," he no doubt took some liberties with this expanded version. Niles is responsible for some well-known arrangements of Christmas material, such as his "Seven Joys of Mary" and the "Kentucky Wassail" - they're of course out of bounds for this show. Besides, I don't have copies of them, and thanks to Scorsese's Dylan documentary with its four seconds of a Niles appearance, his records have gone from selling for $3.99 (the price of this one this summer) on Ebay to ten times that. Two 45s of his Christmas folk songs are currently priced to sell at $155 and $170. Now that's the Christmas spirit!

° Fairuz: Ya Natour El Amriye (2:36)
In a Sentimental Mood (EMI/Voix de l'Orient)

° Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley: Every Day In the Week Blues
Sinners and Saints, 1926-1931 (Document)

° The Symbols: The Wrong Girl (2:46)
Aladdin & Imperial R&B Vocal Group Magic, Vol. 6 (Aladdin/Imperial)

° Lillian Leach and The Mellows: Yesterday's Memories (3:00)
Presenting Lillian Leach and The Mellows (Relic)

° Nimrod Workman: Brown Lung Blues (3:12)
Mike Rivers recordings, Elkins, WV, 1978 (unissued/forthcoming...?)


Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone


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