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King Britt, Afrofuturism

The brilliant and infectiously positive mixmaster King Britt tells his old friend, our Jeannie Hopper, the story of a lifelong fascination with sci-fi, the graphic art of Omni Magazine, and music that led to an exhibition, a book, a new band Fhloston Paradigm, and dreams fulfilled. This program features delicious musical samples.

King Britt's surge comes after the Omni Magazine Reboot, the re-launch of the 70s Bob Guccione science and sci-fi periodical, an exhibition of its graphic arts featuring Britt's selection of Afrofuturist imagery (shown at MoMA PS1 and Red Bull Studios New York along with lectures and performances), the publication of an Omni retrospective book by Claire Evans, The Minds Eye: The Art of Omni, and new music inspired by all this for his new band Fhloston Paradigm, with free downloadable tracks called Omnipresent: A Different View, and his deal with Hyperdub.

If you want to dig, sample, and explore all these treasures you can start at the King Britt site which he keeps stocked and updated.

Recorded at Red Bull Studios New York, with our gratitude.


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