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Kaleidoscope of Grooves

From Twilight's now-nearly-25-year-old soul- and disco-infused masterpiece Pains of Love to Captain Planet's as-yet-unreleased remix of DJ Center's as-yet-unheralded latin-flavored jazz ode to himself, DJ Jeannie Hopper is this week opening the floodgates and letting in every largely overlooked, odds-and-ended groove genius of the past thirty or so years. Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings and the original Broadcast cast of Fela! each, in their distinctly own ways, re-energize styles and tunes that everyone would have thought entirely un-re-energizable--until hearing them. Sandra St. Victor is finally getting the attention she deserves, while the youthful Soul Cycle is generating the kind of reverence usually reserved for seasoned veterans at least twice their age. As Ghislain Poirier remixes Gotan Project and
Deela, Jay Rodriguez, Ilhan ErşahinRocky Dawuni and Salvador Santana perform songs influenced by their native Canada, Germany, Turkey, Ghana and San Francisco--not to mention the Latin, Asian and African inspirations of their vast record collections--you'll find yourself unlikely to come across a mix more wide-reaching than this.

With deep gratitude to the labels behind these brave artists: Aquarian Records, Bastard Jazz, Bitches Brew, Daptone Records, Knitting Factory Records, Luv N Haight, Mosaic, Nublu, Pony Canyon, Strategic Soul Ventures, Switchstance Recordings, Ubiquity Records and XL.


In the Hopper


In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, DJ Jeannie Hopper gives independent artists, record labels and producers a chance to be heard.