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Juris Jurjevics, Red Flags

Vietnam veteran and author Juris Jurjevics discusses his novel Red Flags, both espionage thriller and an authentic look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of military intelligence. It's a rare work that manages to engage and address both the maneuvers of the enemy and the duplicity of allies. The tale told in Red Flags reads like a blueprint of our subsequent involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Best known for his cold war thriller The Trudeau Vector, Jurjevics was formerly the distinguished editor in chief of the Dial Press, and the founding editor of the Soho Press.


Conversations with Writers


Host Charles Ruas in conversation with contemporary writers and poets, continuing a stream of intelligent discussion dating back to his legendary days at WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York in the seventies. Ruas is the author of Conversations with American Writers, a Fulbright scholar, and a distinguished French translator. His writing has frequently appeared in both ARTNews and Art in America. His other Clocktower-produced program is Historic Audio From the Archives of Charles Ruas and is one of the most brilliant and extensive collections of historic audio in our archive.