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Jody Fried & Neko Case, Catamount Arts

Vermont brought together arts activist and Director Jody Fried, and musical artist Neko Case, for their love of the arts and the Catamount Arts Center. Since 1975, it has been Catamount's mission to enhance the cultural climate of northern Vermont and New Hampshire. The center integrates art into community life and attempts to cultivate awareness and appreciation of the arts through a diversified schedule of film, music, theater, dance, and the visual arts.

The program is in two parts. Neko comes first and then Fried. Listeners can use the fast forward button on their media player to jump ahead.

In part one, David Weinstein talks with New Pornographer's Neko Case about her two year involvement with Catamount and life in Vermont. She provides a humorous take on her youth in Virginia and love of her new home in one of Catamount's theaters, which also houses a restaurant that displays local art. Her involvement has greatly helped Catamount with fundraising through benefit concerts.

Part two features Fried, Director of Catamount, discussing the many triumphs and obstacles of the organization. Its location, in one of the most impoverished areas of Vermont, has provided its challenges, but the community and artist support has superseded those hurdles. Catamount continues to add to their programs while raising awareness of social issues, making art more accessible to underprivileged children, and connecting artists with schools to spread their knowledge.


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