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Jerry Kearns, RRRGGHHH!!!

This edition lives up to the title Love Crazy as Nora York interviews her favorite painter Jerry Kearns, who also happens to be her one and only true love and husband.

In this conversation with musical illustrations, Kearns discusses his summer 2014 exhibition RRRGGHHH!!! a painting installation at the Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea. This is his first exhibition with the gallery and his first show in New York since 2006. Opening June 26, RRRGGHHH!!! runs through the third week of August and features 8 new paintings on canvas as well as 5 wall murals.

The program includes tracks by Patti Page, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Otis Redding and more.

RRRGGHHH!!! restages the elemental conflict between hero and villain in the template tradition of this type of narrative, good versus evil, begun over 2000 years ago with The Book of Revelations and continued in different iterations today. The paintings present a layered dreamscape inhabited by a recurring cast of characters that have their roots in both the artist's personal and our public histories. The narrative is organized around scenes from a hero's journey, the hero himself an amalgamation of some of the most influential archetypes in culture. Kearns has exhibited internationally across the Americas, Europe, and Asia since the 1980s.


Love Crazy