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I Love Vinyl with Danilo Braca aka danyb

The I Love Vinyl crew sat down with Danilo Braca, aka DJ danyb, the man behind the Nu-Disco and Deep House radio station The Sound of New York City to listen to some prized records from his personal collection and talk about life.

The Sound of New York City doesn't sound like something that started in Italy, but it did. Rome native, Braca started the 24/7 live internet radio station out of his love of for the seminal NYC nightclubs, like David Mancuso's The Loft and Larry Levan's Paradise Garage, and a feeling that this legacy was not getting the exposure it deserved. Somewhere along the way, the station caught the attention of some discerning angels who urged Braca to relocate to NYC, and The Sound of New York City came home. A couple years later, the station is thriving, with many notable resident and guest selectors.

Recorded live at the April 2015 open house festivities at Pioneer Works.

I Love Vinyl was founded in the Summer of 2009 by Ben Goldfarb aka DJ Scribe and five other seasoned DJs hailing from NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, and beyond. With over 100 years of spinning, and over 100,000 records between them, the I Love Vinyl all-stars now include DJ Scribe, Amir Abdullah, Jon Oliver, OP!, and Shawn Dub. The organic history of this vinyl-loving crew revolves around their underground Brooklyn dance party and their forays in radio as early users of Mixcloud as a platform for their free-form style. For their decidedly un-mixed radio show, they invite guest vinyl selectors, from seasoned DJ's and collectors to musicians and visual artists, as much for the records they bring as for the stories they have to tell about them.


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A wonderland of DJ sets collected, contributed, and recorded for us since 2004 featuring hundreds of hours of uninterrupted dance music by innovative souls that has become all too rare to find in the clubs. Assembled under the curatorial direction of Clocktower Radio Station Manager Jeannie Hopper (and host, Liquid Sound Lounge on WBAI-FM, the Pacifica station in New York), this treasure trove is a listener's paradise.

I Love Vinyl


I Love Vinyl is a collective of world-class djs and record collectors based in New York City who are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of authentic vinyl dance music djing and club culture. For their decidedly un-mixed radio show, they invite guest vinyl selectors from seasoned DJ’s and collectors to musicians and non-musical artists, not only for the records but for the stories that accompany them. The group was founded in 2009 by NYC-native Ben Goldfarb, aka DJ Scribe, with a veritable Dream Team of resident vinyl romantics, hailing from NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, and beyond. They present legendary monthly parties in Brooklyn (with a sister party in Amsterdam), collaborate with arts and cultural institutions and organizations, design and implement educational programs, and engage in pro bono work with social causes organizations. The current all-star lineup, with a brain-numbing 100+ years of combined dj experience, and 100K+ records between them, consists of Amir Abdullah, OP!, Jon Oliver, Shawn Dub and Scribe.