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I Love My Label

There is a long history of musicians (mostly dudes) complaining about their record labels on songs released by those very same record labels. This episode compiles a bunch of them from hit makers (Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Pink) and Brit-rock faves (The Smiths, Blur, Julian Cope) as well as assorted music-industry themed songs by Fugazi, Father John Misty and Julian Cope. Plus a special focus on legendary prankster Bill Drummond.

Tracks featured in this segment include:

01 Nick Lowe: I Love My Label
02 Bill Drummond: I'm the King of Joy
03 Sufjan Stevens: Free Man in Paris
04 Rolling Stones: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
05 The Wake: Joke Shop
06 The Smiths: Paint a Vulgar Picture
07 Blur: Country House
08 Julian Cope: Bill Drummond Said
09 Bill Drummond: Julian Cope Is Dead
10 The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette: Justified & Ancient
11 Fugazi: Five Corporations
12 Stiff Little Fingers: Rough Trade
13 Thee Headcoats: (We Hate the Fuckin') NME
14. Jay-Z: H to the Izzo
15. Pink: Don't Let Me Get Me
16. Father John Misty: Now I'm Learning to Love the War


Teenage Kicks


Teenage Kicks is hosted by Alec Hanley Bemis, co-founder of New York's Brassland label and a producer who conceives and manages creative projects that make a global impact. Each episode is about an hour long. The musical themes may be clearer to him than they are to you but the selections will inevitably be intense and deeply felt.