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Houston...We Have A Problem

In 1998 Disney Pictures released the animated feature, The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars, a return odyssey of talking appliances, planned obsolescence, a pet rat, enduring love and space travel. It is a terrible film, in a direct-to-video kind of way, but it poses a number of intriguing questions: What purpose does a toaster serve in outer space? Should toasters be militarized? Is there life on Maaaars? What is the Unified Field Theory? Did Albert Einstein wear a hearing aid? Is that your face I see, on my computer screen? k(Rob) and Doe Derek illicit the aural help of Mothership Afronaughts, "Intergalactic" Beastie Boys, Roger Troutman and Daft Punk with this month's episode of #trashDAY -- Houston...We Have a Problem. Kardashians as Cardassians, a homemade talkbox, a few tracks 'chopped & screwed', plus a celebration of Bolaji Badejo and Yaphet Kotto - the two black actors in the film ALIEN - will be featured. Plus lots of bloops, blips, zaps and pew-pews. Hold onto your space-panty-drawers, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Special guest/alien invader Brian from the VOLTA 2016 New York art fair.