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Heart Fervors

Nude MC Edwin Torres layers acres of transparent love over an aural palimpsest starting with Syd Straw and Mark Ribot's State of the Union joining hands with Marvin Gaye's unblemished plea to want you, and only you, or do you wanna come to me, sez Bjork, or maybe in The Streets you just know you're fit, don't you, and The Need I have just makes no sense on ESG, you may think these Wings proclaim silly love songs but I get Dizzy Rascal, hearing you say I luv yu like a Moondog, or I love you like a Velvet Underground the holy kid tells me about your eyes and Queen Esther affirms my every waking pulse, but there is no fervor for the few silent seconds I left you while Sussan Deyhim and Sherin Neshat stole my breath, and Miguel Algarin whispered that your quarantine was the salvation that lay just out of my reach, where I found Lisa Jarnot invoking oh life force of supernalness and behind her, under all these unfathomed planes, bathed in fecund luminosity, were the regal jailkeepers, Edwin and Sharon releasing shopping bags of messianic torture emblazoned in lipstick-red letters with What Is This Shit?


Live Nude Radio Theatre


Live Nude Radio Theatre is a free form radio show with poet host Edwin Torres. Torres is author of "The All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker" (Roof Books), "Fractured Humorous" (Subpress), "Please" (Faux Press) and "Onomalingua" (Rattapallax Press). He is also included in The Best American Poetry 2004 (Scribner) , and is co-editor of the poetry journal Rattapallax. His current CD, NOVO, is available through