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Gulf Coast Music Special

David Weinstein and guest Tim Spelios spin a survey of Gulf Coast music assembled the week after 2005's Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Katrina's impact brought out many artists' affections for the culturally important city.

There is a compelling and very readable history of the city's music on a myriad of websites. Read about the Mardi Gras Mambo, James Carter and the prisoners and the tragedy of Amédé Ardoin, an event that is remembered differently by varying people. Selected for this show are tracks by Amédé Ardoin, Napolian Strickland, Dixie Cups, Dennis McGee, Professor Longhair, Louis Armstrong Hot Five, Allen Toussaint and many many more!


Impossible Music


Music and mixes that aspire to challenge you, surprise you, tickle you, jostle you, and to crack you open and put you back together again.