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George Michelsen Foy, Finding North

Charles Ruas in conversation with author and adventurer George Michelsen Foy about his 2016 book, Finding North: How Navigation Makes Us Human that blends scientific research and memoir as he investigates his own family's fateful history on the high seas. Foy winds up learning as much about his own abilities and disabilities as he does about the tools of navigation, from following the stars to getting lost when your GPS fails you.

George Michelsen Foy is a novelist and non-fiction writer whose books, essays and articles have been published by Viking, Scribner's, University Press of New England, Bantam/Doubleday, Harper's, and Rolling Stone, among others.

Of interest to our radio and sound loving audience, Foy's non-fiction work, Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence (Scribner/Simon & Schuster, 2010) is another adventure and quest testing biological realities.