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"Free" Improvisation

We'll hear from C. Spencer Yeh, Cooper-Moore, Dawn of MIDI, Roscoe Mitchell, Tony Conrad, and more regarding "musical freedom." It can mean many things: freedom from rules, limits, structure, tonality or rhythm. But, it can also mean freedom from an economic and legal system that stifles innovation and interrupts the flourishing gift economy that has developed alongside broadband communication technology.

This episode of Improvisions features music available for legal download from the Free Music Archive, an online repository of alternatively-licensed music with a wealth of amazing recordings (and directed by the great American free-form radio station WFMU).




A show dedicated to the ephemeral: improvised music throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly the outer edges of the spectrum. Visions--spectral, cosmic, worldly and solitary--provide the musical inspiration for so many musicians, and improvisation has proved an excellent means of communication. This show will draw on several musical traditions, including Jazz, Western composition, and others from around the world to explore how improvisation functions, communicates, and generally kicks ass.