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Frankie Cosmos, Recorded Live

An hour long, in studio session by the New York-based singer/songwriter Frankie Cosmos, the musical alter-ego of Greta Kline. Gabrielle Smith (Eskimeaux, Frankie Cosmos) joins Greta for the Playing Hooky session, and the pair preview old and new songs from the lovely DIY group.

Frankie Cosmos's backing band includes Aaron Maine/Ronnie Mystery (Porches) on drums and David Maine/David Mystery (Porches) on bass and Gabrielle Smith on keyboards/harmonies. The group has recorded with the labels, Pukekos and Double Double Whammy.

Playing Hooky is Clocktower's live in-studio performance series featuring musicians of all ages and styles from cowboy music to pure noise. Recorded in our Red Hook studios at Pioneer Works and offered as a distraction from the mid-week blues.


Playing Hooky


A weekly live concert series, recorded posted alongside insightful interviews with the performers, such as Frankie Cosmos, Helado Negro, Ikue Mori, Ned Rothenberg, and more.