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Fractured Timestorms

Nude MC Edwin Torres loses control of what control there is to have, starting with a short radio play in honor of Futurepoem Books called Tomorrow, featuring his newly discovered starlet, computerized Agnes of the Filthy Mouth, discovering that tomorrow is not tomorrow after all, until Space Mouse decides to visit on the left speaker only with noise from back in the Loisaida 90's while Victor Nubla stays en la red with homemade cassettes from Barcelona shouting down Todd Swift's reimagined Futura, we inject Dub Narcotic Sound System into unpronounceable afitione feels mighty good but this leaves Ayurveda jumping for some state of the union painkiller, all this, too much to handle in the youmisphere, where Agnes still floats, so Edwin quickly finds Arvo Part's fractured tabla rasa chained to Gidon Kerrer and Keith Jarret fingering string and ivory, there between movement is Clara Sara digging earth in space summoning rain clouds from the outer reaches of Macedonia by way of 3 invented peasants from Le Voix Du Monde, thunder arrives by way of Eraserhead, followed by the inner reaches of Miguel Algarin and Edwin improvising equinnical kisses over Sean Meehan's percussive cosmos, the trail of time runs out on Edwin, left looking for Agnes, gasping for air, talking over the talking of what unexpectedly becomes a stumped and stunned What Is This Shit?


Live Nude Radio Theatre


Live Nude Radio Theatre is a free form radio show with poet host Edwin Torres. Torres is author of "The All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker" (Roof Books), "Fractured Humorous" (Subpress), "Please" (Faux Press) and "Onomalingua" (Rattapallax Press). He is also included in The Best American Poetry 2004 (Scribner) , and is co-editor of the poetry journal Rattapallax. His current CD, NOVO, is available through