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Found Sound Nation: Port St. Willow, Bombay Rickey, Ian Chang, Margaret Glaspy

The Found Sound Nation concert series at Pioneer Works continues with intricate indie rock from Port St. Willow, the spaghetti western/Bollywood mashups of Bombay Rickey, incredible drumming from Ian Chang, and Margaret Glaspy's heart-wrenching guitar melodies.

Port St. Willow is the music and noise project of New York-based Nicholas Principe. The artist is known for his atmospheric, falsetto-heavy compositions.

Bombay Rickey is a five-piece band from Ditmas Park, Brooklyn that defies easy categorization. With a unique sound evocative of ’60s movie soundscapes, the band plays both covers and original music that borrow equally from the worlds of surf rock, cumbia, spaghetti-Western, and Bollywood, balanced out with a little coloratura soprano.

Ian Chang is a one-man drumming olympian.

Margaret Glaspy is a California-born folk singer/songwriter noted for her soft stage presence and Cat Stevens-esque lyrics. Her first EP, If & When, came out in 2012.

Found Sound Nation is a collective of musicians and artists curating events, workshops, and performances around New York City. Their projects include The Young Composers Workshop, Street Studio, and OneBeat. Operating under the overarching FSN ethos that encourages the diminishing of boundaries in music-making and music-listening, be they ethnic, cultural, or stylistic, this concert series features a diverse curation of artists, both local and international. Recorded live at Pioneer Works, May 22, 2015.


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