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Exit Art and Bomb Magazine

David Weinstein invited some of our Tribeca neighbors (who also occupied booths near to the 2006 Armory Show remote radio studio) to introduce themselves. Jeanette Ingberman, founder and Director of Exit Art brought along the organization's co-founder, artist Papo Colo who was selling his blood at the Show. Director of Marketing & Special Projects Paul Morris (no relation to the one who founded the Armory Show) spoke about the 25th anniversary of BOMB magazine, where conversations between artists has become their mission.

BOMB is a partner with and has its own page in our Archive here.


Radio Profiles


This is a collaborative community project featuring an ever-expanding collection of short audio portraits of organizations, spaces, and activities as described by the people who manage them. The goal of Radio Profiles is to provide information, generate interest, and expand audiences for New York City culture. Radio Profiles is a project of AIR - with archives from WPS1 - and originally developed in association with The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, BOMB Magazine, and The Film-Makers' Cooperative. We welcome all to participate. Cultural groups can email us to set up a recording session.