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Ethan Ryman

Genetic destiny or a hot disposition? When love goes right nothing goes wrong. A masterful mix that threads its way from The Ohio Players to the Ramones via Frank Sinatra and Tupac.

Guest Ethan Ryman--musician, audio engineer, and producer--brings us a special mix. Ethan's engineering credits include The Wu-Tang Clan, 'Ol Dirty Bastard, Method Man and many hip hop artists from Mantronik to Masta Ase, Grave Diggas to Shinehead, Shyheim-The Rugged Child, The Beat Nuts and others. His latest music can be heard in the upcoming issue of Yard Magazine along with an interview with painter Robert Ryman . Ethan's art pedegree is in his genes--his mother is writer Lucy Lippard and his father Robert Ryman. When love goes right nothing goes wrong. Enjoy...


01 Teacha Teacha (artist unknown) - Love of Teachers

02 Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players - Love, Funk and Amusement Rides

03 Greatest Romance Ever Sold (Neptunes Remix) - Prince - Love of Romance

04 Good Life - Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Love of Luxury (Beware)

05 Salsa Con Coco - El Gran Combo - Love of Salsa

06 Come Rain Or Come Shine - Frank Sinatra/Gloria Estefan - Devotion

07 Dear Momma - Tupac - Love of Mama

08 Different Times - Raphael Saadiq/T-Boz - Love of Jesus

09 I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline - Friend/Lover Confusion

10 You Got What I Need - Biz Markie - Friend/Lover Confusion

11 Tito y Celia - Tito Puente/Celia Cruz - Love of Each Other and Cuba

12 Baba O'Riley - The Who - Love of Youth

13 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World - The Ramones - Love of a Challenge



Love Crazy