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Endless Summer

Endless Summer may be electronic music legend Scott Hardkis's most uplifting Live From Room Zero broadcast yet. In this 90-min. episode #4, Hardkiss conjures a blend of sensual sun-drenched tracks to transport the listener to a hallucinatory dance celebration on an exotic & steamy tropical beach. A place where funky beats slowly heat up into blinding bursts of musical flames & then effortlessly shift back down into cool hypnotic sunset grooves, again and again. A place where soaring strings, classical piano, soulful voices & flamenco guitars all sing together in perfect harmony with modern electronics. A place where summer never ends.

Featuring an array of gifted artists & producers from around the globe including Woolfy vs. Projections (US/ Scotland), Pilooski (Paris), Mario Basanov (Lithuania), Cosmic Kids (LA) Benoit & Sergio(DC/Berlin) & Idjut Boys(UK), releases on excellent labels including Throne of Blood (US), Needwant (UK), Get Physical (Germany), Absurd Recordings (US) & Moshi Moshi (UK), as well as the long-promised debut of Scott's own summery remix of "Balearic Chainsaw" by Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension/US).


Scott Hardkiss: Live From Room Zero


Scott Hardkiss continues his mission as a DJ to seek out and play the finest music from around the globe. Never a slave to one sound, Hardkiss has spent his entire career exploring the limits of electronic dance music, and his radio show is no different. Scott assembles a monthly 90-minute DJ mix program especially for Art International Radio. Each episode is full of new styles, genres, places, spaces, and trips, all the while, of course, never stopping the boogie. Also, entertaining & informative behind-the-scenes info about the folks making and releasing the music, plus guest artist interviews & guest DJ turntable takeovers.