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Emmy Parker, Moogfest

The Moog Music enterprise's Emmy Parker tells our Jeannie Hopper how, after 10 years, this 5-day affair has grown beyond a synthesizer geek and electronic music cult. The workshops and concerts, some streamed live, take place April 23-27, 2014 in Asheville, North Carolina with artists including Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, M.I.A., Pet Shop Boys, and Dorit Chrysler.

To see the schedule of this magical fesitval, honoring Robert Moog and his Moog Synthesizer and corollary inventions that continue to impact prople and sound, visit the Moogfest site.


Emerging Underground


Delving deep into the the underground music scene, Clocktower hosts listen, comment, question and probe to get the latest and greatest of what's bubbling in the music scene. From jazz to metal to rock and all musical experiments in between, our hosts wade through the unknown areas of music to find, play, and interview the best new artists from way-out of the mainstream.