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DJ Spun, Hip House Set

New York based DJ Spun delivers his contentious Hip House Set.

Producer and DJ originally from Northern California, Dj Spun owns and operates the Rong Music label. Since 2003 he has headed up the label, a dual imprint collaboration with DFA, Tu Rong, and finally Promo Only - which brought the world wide disco edit craze to America.
Although his productions are based in the Electronic genre, his personal journey through music began with punk rock then through hip hop and the birth of House and continues to this day.

Hip House, also known as Rap House, is a musical genre that mixes elements of house music and hip-hop. Hip House helped bridge the gap that developed between hip hop culture and disco/house that grew further at the tail end of disco through the dawn of house music. The style rose to prominence during the 1980s in Chicago and New York. Hip House originated in Chicago and quickly became popular across the U.S. and in the UK, where it was copied with tracks like Rok Da House by UK producers, the Beatmasters, featuring the British female emcees, Cookie Crew.

Minor controversy ensued in 1989 when a U.S. record called Turn Up The Bass by Tyree Cooper featuring Kool Rock Steady claimed it was the "first hip house record on vinyl." The Beatmasters disputed this, pointing out that Rok da House had originally been written and pressed to vinyl in 1986. But that was quickly dismissed as the record was not even close to being "Hip House". The outfit responded by releasing Who’s in the House? featuring British emcee Merlin, containing the disc Watch Out, Tyree—we come faster, this is the sound of the true Beatmasters. More claims to the hip-house crown were subsequently laid down in tracks by Fast Eddie, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, and Toni Scott.


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