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DJ Paddy Boom

When not behind the drums for Scissor Sisters, Paddy Boom enjoys the pleasure of eclectic dj'ing. As a resident of downtown New York City for almost 20 years he's seen, heard and spun some of the finest sonic delights. As a world traveler with a penchant for Africa and Brazil, Paddy, as d.j, specializes in a wild ride of musical styles; Fela meets Grandmaster Flash and Gang of Four. Public Enemy meets the Rapture and Sergio Mendes. You get the idea. As a mad lover of the beat, Paddy expects you to shake yer ass in an 'anything goes? kind of set.


Midnight Theme - Manzel

The Time Is Now - Moloko

I'm a Bad DJ - DJ Shadow

Pappa Large - Ultramagenetic MC's from the DJ Kicks series presenting a

MC's Collection

Anger - Marvin Gaye

? - Chemical Brothers - From the Singles Series '93 to '03

Mesopotamia - B52s

Black Jettas - ima Robot

I'll House You - Jungle Brothers

Gritty Shit - David Holmes

Bustin' Loose - Chuck Brown

Special K - Placebo

Sun is Shining-remix - Bob Marley

Sport - Lightenin' Rod

Looking for Clues - Robert Palmer

Breath - Open Door



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A wonderland of DJ sets collected, contributed, and recorded for us since 2004 featuring hundreds of hours of uninterrupted dance music by innovative souls that has become all too rare to find in the clubs. Assembled under the curatorial direction of Clocktower Radio Station Manager Jeannie Hopper (and host, Liquid Sound Lounge on WBAI-FM, the Pacifica station in New York), this treasure trove is a listener's paradise.