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Departure Lounge

This episode offers a playlist of tracks from New York club DJs John Hall, Adam Goldstone, and Perry Brandston's unpredictable music venue, The Departure Lounge.

The Departure Lounge was originally conceived as a freeform outlet for the partners' more purely creative record-spinning interests, without regard to dance floor conventions such as familiarity, stylistic consistency, or even danceability. With this intention in mind, the trio takes what is usually considered back-room, background music (or completely unsuitable for play in any club at all) and places it squarely in the spotlight. The outcome is, admittedly, sometimes messy, cacophonous, self-indulgent, and even downright ludicrous, but never boring.

Other features include recordings from the Public-Access Turntable and Dueling DJs booths at The Departure Lounge. For the Public-Access Turntable, the DJs set up a record player in the middle of the room, patched into the DJ booth and main sound system. Audience members were able to choose from a handful of records whose labels had been removed to add an element of surprise. The second spectacle involved two DJ booths set up in the same room, thus allowing the main DJs and their guests to either jam together, or compete with one another.


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