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Decoding Spatial Sound

An introduction to the CT::SWaM collective, discussing the organization and concert series itself --with some conversational background and excerpts of past performances from Bruce Tovsky, Stephen Schaum, Tamra Yadao, and Andrew Lafkas’ Ensemble. Questions around immersion, what spatial sound is, and how to even make a podcast about those topics are discussed as well.

The CT::SWaM Clocktower radio series explores theories and approaches to spatial sound works, while also addressing the subjectivity of translating spatial works to the radio format. Episodes feature performances, discussions and artist interviews, highlighting recent and upcoming events in the CT::SWaM collective's live event series.

CT::SWaM [Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music] is an artist-run series that has been presenting performances and workshops in spaces such as Eyebeam’s former Chelsea location, Fridman Gallery, and The Knockdown Center in NYC, as well as Neu West Berlin in Berlin. The series, initiated by Daniel Neumann in 2012, focuses on spatial sound works, where the distribution and localization of sounds is a primary compositional parameter and a central feature for the listener. These works consider architectural, acoustical, and technological factors in exploring the complex and dynamic relationship between sound and space. The formats are open and include contemporary sound experiments, electro-acoustic multi-channel composition, improvisation, non-traditional performance configurations, lowercase artistic presence, and workshops – all of which diverge from a fixed perspective on audible space.