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De Stijl Records

Clint Simonson's De Stijl records has been releasing some of the most
strange and amazing records that you've never heard. The label is "Dedicated to Unearthing Primo Basement Arcana," releasing both new groups from around the globe and as well as reissuing some under-recognized albums of the past. We have De Stijl to thank for releasing and reissuing such groups as Michael Yonkers, Wavves, 39 Clocks, Charlie Nothing, Smega, and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice. Clint speaks with host Elliot Stapleton about De Stijl's beginnings and plays a number of songs from forthcoming De Stijl releases.
(53 minutes)


Sound the Alarm


Elliot Stapleton lives deep in the dirty trenches of sound, occasionally emerging to talk about it.