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David Shrigley & Anton Kern

As the starting bell for the fall 2010 season sounded, host Zefrey Throwell happened to swing by a delightfully mischievous show at Anton Kern Gallery, and who should be showing but the talented, the unholy, the pithy, the nimble Scot himself... David Shrigley. From mounted crooked fingers on the wall, to a robot bludgeoning a baby seal, to a long plinth of huge ceramic black boots, Shrigley's fourth show with Kern is a winner (through Oct. 30, 2010). Listen along as they suss out such heated topics as yoga balls, saddle chairs, hating children (except for one lucky child, Linus), how to get a gallery in NYC and of course no interview is complete without an in-depth investigation of the deadly Glasgow Smile.


Frank Prattle with Zefrey Throwell


Frank Prattle is an interview-style radio show run by artist Zefrey Throwell. Throwell brings two people together (curators, gallerists, critics, collectors, artists, etc....) and they tackle everything under the sun. Frank Prattle is geared primarily towards community education. Its goal is to help people understand and enjoy the art world through the words of the art-stars, professionals, and enthusiasts who live it everyday.