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Daniel Buren

Way before Bansky, Buren was leaving his mark on city streets and the most unusual of public spaces. Daniela Salvioni speaks with the iconic and immeasurably influential conceptual artist Daniel Buren, who discusses his 2010 permanent installation at MACRO in Rome, Dance Between Triangles and Lozenges in Three Colors, and his aesthetic opposition to the treatment of space as obligatory and unobtrusive. He explains his disregard for such qualitative terms as "sculpture" or "painting" and discusses how the sense of nakedness that he felt upon abandoning studio work led him in the 1960s to explore on-site installation. Quick also to address the problematic elements of precisely such "extra-institutional" work--through an articulation of the basic difference between work in situ and ostensibly "a-spatial" work--he underscores the dynamic activation of place and what it means for something to be truly and purely public. Finally, he leaves us salivating after offering mouth-watering tidbits of his multifarious upcoming projects.


Our Correspondents: Italy


Curator and art critic Daniela Salvioni reports from assorted locales across Italy to bring us interviews with contemporary art's most revered as well as emerging and overlooked artists. The co-editor, with Diana Burgess Fuller, of Art/Women/California, 1950-2000, this American-born resident and fluent Italian speaker, has curated exhibits for such artists as Guy Overfelt and Jennifer Locke, and has interviewed such artists as Jeff Koons and Allan McCollum. Our thanks to Star FK Radium, from Washington, D.C., for the theme music.