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Country Rockabilly Show

Veering away from his usual Jazz and Soul tinged shows, host/producer Stuart Matthewman takes this episode of Royal Flush on a quick left turn into moonshine country with a Rockabilly and Country selection. Featuring songs by Sid King and the 5 Strings, Janis Martin, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson and Jim Reeves.


Royal Flush


After years of trolling through dusty record store basements and moldy thrift stores around the US and UK..I have amassed an unreasonably large collection of vinyl..For this show..Royal Flush I am picking out a pretty varied eclectic mix of Jazz, Swing, Jump Blues and even some Rockabilly now and then…But whether its a vocal track..Instrumental…Slow or Fast …its going to have to SWING! Stuart Matthewman AKA Cottonbelly is probably best known as Sade's right hand man… Writing, producing and performing with her since the inception of the band in 1983... In those long hiatuses between albums and tours Stuart has kept himself busy composing film scores, producing and writing with various artists including Maxwell, Sweetback etc, releasing various Dub/Electronic remixes and productions under the guise Cottonbelly and now, writing, producing and performing with his new band Twin Danger... As a self-confessed vinyl junky it only made sense that he should finally share his bi-polar musical tastes and precious record collection on air...