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Chelpa Ferro

Joe Ahearn sits down with two members of the Brazilian multimedia collective, Chelpa Ferro, and Instituto de Cultura Contemporânea (ICCo) artistic director, Daniel Rangel.

Since its formation in 1995, Chelpa Ferro has produced sound pieces for installation and recording using a mix of electronic music, sculpture and a myriad of other mediums and materials. The group's work has been presented at art galleries, museums and biennials throughout Europe and Brazil.

In August 2013, Chelpa Ferro came to New York for the first time ever to present their sonic and visual improvisation performance piece, Maué Metal, produced with the help of ICCo. Through the unconventional use of instruments as well as everyday objects, Maué Metal explored the liminal line between music and noise in Union Square Park.

In this interview, group members Jorge V.B. Lead Teixeira and Luis Pierri Zerbini talk about their work and newest release, Chelpa Ferro 3. We hear tracks from the recordings of musicians Arto Lindsay, Pedro Sa, Jaques Morelenbaum, Berna Ceppas, Kassin, Chico Neves, and Stephane San Juan, who entered Chelpa Ferro's installations and played along with the sounds generated inside.



Open Territory


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