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Charles Hutagalung, Indonesian Pop

Charles Hutagalung (1948-1988) was an illustrious Indonesian singer, song writer, and member of legendary 1970s Indonesian pop band The Mercy's. Charles left The Mercy's in 1976 and created another band called Ge & Ge. In 1978, he returned to The Mercy's, resulting in the band's final album release. The reunion of the band members was brief, as they soon branched off and began their separate journeys as solo artists.

Throughout his career, Hutagalung not only collaborated with many other notable Indonesian artists, but also wrote over 200 hundred songs in various genres (pop, keroncong, religious, etc.) sung not only by himself, but also by many other renowned Indonesian singers such as Hetty Koes Endang and Emilia Contessa. The following selections are from his solo vocal album Flower Sound. Recorded in the 1970s, Flower Sound is a collection of Malayan songs that dated back to the 1960s. The songs are slightly different than his typically pop vocal style, in that they have the infusion of dangdut elements to them.


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