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Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown is one of the most startling and accomplished painters living today. She has traversed terrain left, right and center, dealing with eroticism,
motion, and suggestion and dicing colors like a surgeon handles a tricky bypass. Host Zefrey Throwell catches up with her in her studio in Manhattan and chats about everything from her new book to her ingenious 3-deep stocked bookshelf to the secret code of her paintings (59 minutes).


Frank Prattle with Zefrey Throwell


Frank Prattle is an interview-style radio show run by artist Zefrey Throwell. Throwell brings two people together (curators, gallerists, critics, collectors, artists, etc....) and they tackle everything under the sun. Frank Prattle is geared primarily towards community education. Its goal is to help people understand and enjoy the art world through the words of the art-stars, professionals, and enthusiasts who live it everyday.