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Captain Planet & DJ DRM of Bastard Jazz

Charlie B. Wilder aka Captain Planet started crate digging (searching for music in record bins of shops) for unique vinyl releases from the five continents. Like the animated series he's taken his name from, his style as a DJ and producer is a fusion of musical styles from the globe that converge in creating the Captain Planet sound exemplified on his first full length album Cookin' Gumbo. The album is available on DJ DRM's Brooklyn based boutique label Bastard Jazz Recordings. A fitting partnership as both are committed to presenting a "tidepool of Dub & Reggae, Hip-hop, B-Boy Breaks, Latin, Disco, House, Afrobeat and more...and always aimed straight for the dancefloor." Get schooled in a conversation with Jeannie Hopper, DJ DRM and Captain Planet, and get groovin' with selections from the full length Cookin' Gumbo, Bastard Jazz's first full length release endeavor.


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