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Calibro 35

Our Jeannie Hopper welcomes members of the Italian psychedelic soundtrack and neo-funk band Calibro 35 as they introduce themselves to American audiences on their 2010 tour. More John Barry (James Bond 007) than Ennio Morricone (Good, Bad & Ugly), the music is deliciously arranged for classic pop instrumentation with an ear for details of the 70s.

Tommaso Colliva, a music producer for the bands Franz Ferdinand and Muse and sound engineer, used to collect soundtracks as a kid. When he decided to merge his creative juices with a jam band formed by Massimo Martellotta, the result was Calibro 35--the Milanese music group that draws much of their inspiration from 70s Italian cop and thriller movies with distinctive soundtracks. Luca Cavina is on bass for the band, and Fabio Rondanini is on drums. Enrico Gabrielli plays keyboard, flute, and saxophone for the band. He is also a composer and has played on the instrumentals on several tracks for Muse. Massimo Martellotta is the band's guitarist, though he is known for his abilities to play not only numerous instruments, but numerous instruments simultaneously. Martellotta is a composer, and in addition to playing in Calibro35 is also in the bands Quanta Marmellata Per Terra and Roots & Branches. Look for Calibro 35's track in the new Bruce Willis movie, R.E.D., titled Calling All Unites to Broccolino. (39 minutes)


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